Supporting our NHS, Emergency and Frontline Heroes.

Supporting our NHS, Emergency and Frontline Heroes.

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We need your help to create a hub that provides much-needed support to our frontline heroes whilst fundraising for frontline charities. Your donation will go straight to our crowd funder, you can find out more about this by clicking here.  

We are a complete non-profit company. We donate 100% of our profits to frontline charities such as; The RNLI, The Firefighters Charity, The Ambulance Staff Charity and NHS Charities Together to name a few. For this reason we have no budget for expansion unless we reduced the amount we donate to charity, something we are not willing to do. That is why we need your help to allow us to grow, raise more money and directly support frontline workers.  

Now more than ever they need our frontline heroes need support. We are a group of former and serving firefighters, police officers and NHS professionals who have all too often seen colleagues needing extra support to navigate the daily challenges working on the frontline can bring. There are amazing charities and support networks available through the place of work, however, it can be difficult to seek help in this way. The support can sometimes feel disjointed to the day to day running's of a shift, ward or station. This is where the hub will play a part. It will be a place to come and exercise, have a coffee and become part of a community of likeminded people who can support each other. There is so much value in social and in-formal conversations, they often provide the space needed for colleagues to process challenging situations. The relaxed space provides a safe environment to share, support and maybe even prompt someone to seek further help if required.  

Emergency Service, NHS, RNLI, Search and Rescue personnel carrying out responses to emergencies.

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Every item bought fuels frontline charities

It doesn't matter if you are buying your daily coffee or a T-Shirt, have the comfort of knowing you are helping support the charities that are there for our everyday heroes.