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Fire Dog Echo

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FD Echo served with Greater Manchester Fire and rescue service and was their first ever search dog.  Echo served on both the... service USAR team and ISAR team and undertook operational deployments both nationally and internationally eventually becoming one of the most highly decorated dogs in the UK fire service winning such prestigious awards as the PDSA Order of Merit, pride of Britain, IFAW animal of the year, Hero dog of the year, UN letter of outstanding performance. Echo’s greatest hour was when he was deployed along with the UK ISAR team to the devastating Earthquake in Haiti, a hell on earth that no dog team could possibly prepare for. Echo worked tirelessly for 10 days searching collapsed buildings and bringing hope to devastated communities, as a result of his fantastic effort he eventually succumbed to heat exhaustion. Our FD Echo coffee was created to honour him and the profits will be donated to animal wards programmes that recognise acts of extraordinary animal bravery or exceptional devotion to duty.
Signature Roast: A speciality Santos roast producing rich chocolatey caramel notes.
House Blend: An Ethiopian Yirgacheffe offering fruity floral notes with a sweet after taste.
Dark Roast: A South American full bodied dark roast with deep caramel notes.
Please allow 3 - 5 working days for delivery. This is due to the fact we hand roast to order, meaning you get fresher coffee with a lower impact on the environment!

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