How to make a coffee with a V60

Using a V60 to make your coffee? Normally used for 1 person, follow our guide to make the perfect coffee at home.


  • To make a V60 coffee you will need:
  • - Ground Frontline Coffee
  • - V60 Dripper
  • - V60 paper filter
  • - Kettle
  • - Clock/Timer
  • - Spoon
  • - Mug


1. Boil your kettle and leave to rest for 1 minute.



2. Place a filter in your V60 and rinse with hot water emptying the cup afterwards.



3. Add a scoop or heaped teaspoon of ground Frontline Coffee



4. Pour in enough hot (not boiling) water to cover the grounds, do this in a circular motion.



5. Let the water covered ground coffee 'bloom' for 30 seconds, this is allowing trapped gasses to release.



6. Continue to continuously pour in small circles allowing the water to drain through the filter until the cup is full. Enjoy!


Frontline Coffee is committed to supporting the men and women of UK Frontline Services.


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