How to make a coffee with a cafetiere

Using a Espresso Machine to make your coffee? Normally used to serve 1 person, follow our guide to make the perfect coffee at home.


  • To make a Espresse coffee you will need:
  • - Ground Frontline Coffee
  • - Tamper
  • - Espresso Machine


1. To make the freshest tasting coffee, it is best to grind your beans just before making your coffee. However you can buy your coffee pre-ground and ready to go.



2. Fill your portafilter basket to to the top, we recommend using at least 15g for this.



3. Using your tamper, evenly apply pressure to the ground coffee and portafilter. Ensure you do not over apply the pressure or do this unevenly as this can have a major effect on the flavours that are extracted.



4. Place the portafilter into the group head on the espresso machine. Ensure this is done delicately as to make sure you do not disturb the ground coffee.



5. Switch on or press the function button to start the flowing of the water and have a cup placed underneath.



6. Enjoy!


Frontline Coffee is committed to supporting the men and women of UK Frontline Services.


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