How to make a coffee with a cafetiere

Using a Cafetiere to make your coffee? Normally used for 2 - 4 people, follow our guide to make the perfect coffee at home.


  • To make a Cafaetiere coffee you will need:
  • - Ground Frontline Coffee
  • - Cafetiere
  • - Kettle
  • - Clock/Timer
  • - Spoon


1. Boil your kettle and leave to rest for 1 minute, then preheat the cafetiere by filling straight from the kettle, then emptying.



2. Add your ground Frontline Coffee to the Cafetiere, we recommend one heaped teaspoon per person. (4 people - 4 heaped spoonfuls)



3. Fill the cafetiere with hot (not boiling) water from the kettle. Water that is too hot can burn the coffee grounds giving a bitter taste.



4. Replace the lid and plunger (all the way up) onto the cafetiere and allow the coffee to infuse for 4 minutes.



5. Give the coffee a stir and then slowly push down the plunger.



6. Serve your delicious cafetiere made coffee!


Frontline Coffee is committed to supporting the men and women of UK Frontline Services.


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