How to make a coffee with a Aeropress

Using a Aeropress to make your coffee? Normally used for serving 1 person, follow our guide to make the perfect coffee at home.


  • To make a Aeropress coffee you will need:
  • - Ground Frontline Coffee
  • - Aeropress
  • - Aeropress Paddle
  • - Aeropress Scoop
  • - Aeropress Filter Paper
  • - Kettle
  • - Clock/Timer
  • - Mug


1. Boil your kettle and leave to rest for 1 minute.



2. Add a paper filter into the Aeropress's detachable plastic cap, carefully use some hot water to wet your cap and filter. This will heat the brewing vessel and also help the filter adhere to the cap.



3. Assemble you aeropress with the black seal sitting at the number 4.



4. Using your scoop and add approximately 15 grams of ground coffee into the top (ensuring it is saturated evenly) and slowly fill the tube with water up to just below the number 1.



5. Allow to sit for 1 minute and stir between 5 and 10 times and replace the filter and plastic cap ensuring it locks into the grooves tightly.



6. Place onto of your mug or brew vessel and begin to apply downward controlled pressure. If the pushing feels to easy the grind is likely too course; if it is hard to push the grind may be too fine. Once empty, enjoy!


Frontline Coffee is committed to supporting the men and women of UK Frontline Services.


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