Dedicated to supporting the mental health of the men and women of our emergency and frontline services.


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Frontline Foundation was launched to provide a platform to current and ex frontline staff to get outdoors, be more active, make new friends and support and inspire each other. Adventure and personal challenge is hugely empowering in supporting mental well-being and we have teamed up with some amazing companies and are able to plan and run all sorts of different events and challenges ranging from a small meet up and coffee, to full blown expeditions. Frontline Foundation is committed to raising funds to help both support and run such events.


Frontline Foundation is dedicated to the support and development of mental health in UK frontline services. We are building a community of like minded people through the love of adventure, activity and personal challenge.


What do we do?


Meet up for a chat, go for a walk, grab a drink. We promote peer support advocates around the country.


We have teamed up to some amazing companies to be able to provide some great events, activities and expeditions run both externally and in house.


We're building a strong team of people all over the UK. Be it fundraising for Frontline Foundation, entering competitions or just going for a walk, do it as part of the team.


We are bringing together companies and groups nationwide tackling Mental Health and supporting the charities caring for the men and women of our frontline services.


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We have proudly partnered with ADVENTURE 999 who are a growing community of our frontline services who really do share our values around mental health and well-being



ADVENTURE 999 is dedicated to creating an environment where the amazing people of our Emergency Services and other vital Frontline and NHS services can talk openly about well-being and the positive effects that embracing adventure and personal challenge can have. They create some amazing opportunities for us to get away and experience an alternative way of dealing with the day-to-day stresses and strains of our highly demanding and stressful jobs.




Our Emergency Services workers are at a much greater risk of experiencing a mental health issue than the rest of us, yet they are far less likely to seek the support they need.

Embracing outdoor activities, from going on a simple walk, to embarking on an adventure or taking on a personal challenge, it can all have such a positive impact on your mental health.

With the unique support of the highly acclaimed expedition company ‘360 Expeditions’, ADVENTURE 999 is creating opportunities for our Emergency Services workers to experience some of the most spectacular adventures in the world, just for us!!!



Being out on the trails or away in the mountains creates opportunities to talk openly in a safe and friendly environment without any pressure, but with mutual understanding.

Embarking on an adventure or taking on a personal challenge also provides an opportunity for the individual to prove to themselves what they’re capable of achieving despite what they’ve had to deal with or how it’s affected them.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to mentally reset and recharge, so they can return to their work and their families feeling physically and mentally revitalised and ready to take on the challenges of the Frontline once again.

They exist as a private group on Facebook and encourage open discussions around adventure and well-being.

From local walks to the mountains of the Himalaya, your journey starts here with ADVENTURE 999.

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