Frontline Company

Who started Frontline Coffee?

Frontline Coffee was founded in 2018 by two serving Firefighters who have now left and work in the company full time. Both were wholetime firefighters with Matt stationed in North London and Tom serving in Devon and Somerset.


Are we a charity?

We are not a charity. We are a private limited company registered in the UK proactively supporting the frontline community where we can.



How much do you donate to charity?

With all of the charities we work with we have commercial partnership agreements in place, this allows us to co-brand our coffee using their logos. Through these agreements, we also commit an amount to be donated, this is currently as follows;

  • 250g bag - donation = £1.50
  • 500g bag - donation = £3.00
  • 1kg bag - donation = £6.00


Why do you not work with all charities?

We are working to support as many charities as we can, but we have to do this in a structured way. For us to launch a new coffee, we have to have commercial partnership agreements in place, packaging and marketing designed, logistics in place to meet demand and the space in the shop for all of this to happen. We will be gradually adding more charities so keep a look out for them.



How much is shipping?

All of our products up to 2kg are shipped by Royal Mail 2nd class and anything above will be by courier. The costs are as follows:

0kg - 1.9kg = £2.90

2kg - 20kg = 5.99

How long will my coffee take to be delivered?

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. If your coffee still has not been delivered after this time, please get in touch and we can check this for you.

Why have i only recieved part of my order?

If your order is over 1.9kg we sometimes have to split the order and send it as two parcels so they may arrive at separate times. This is to allow for the parcel to pass through Royal Mail without additional costs.


Is your coffee ethically sourced?

Yes, all of our coffee is ethically sourced. Our beans are sourced directly from small farms and co-operatives run by the locals, we don't use any NGOs or organisations who take cuts from the profits of the farmers.

How Should i store my coffee and how long will it last?

For optimal freshness, we recommend that you store the coffee in a cool, dry place. We also recommend drinking our coffee within a month of receiving it for the best taste.

Do you offer free samples?

Unfortunately not. As we are a non profit company we do not have the funds to be able to provide free samples. Although this is a great way to gain new customers, it is important for us to ensure as much money goes to the charities we support as possible.


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