NHS Charities Together - Bevan Blend

NHS Charities Together - Bevan Blend

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NHS Charities Together

Tasting Notes

Charity Blend: A classic Italian espresso taste offering a chocolate aftertaste.  

Roast Profile

Medium Roast

How does it support NHS Charities Together

We have a commercial partnership agreement in place with NHS Charities Together, this allows us to use their logo and apply this to our products that we donate to NHS Charities Together from. We donate all of our profits, however as part of this agreement we commit £3.00 per 500g bag and £6.00 per 1kg bag. This will always be the minimum and is judged on a monthly basis but the donation will never drop below this.

Who are NHS Charities Together?

NHS Charities Together supports NHS staff and volunteers by supporting and championing NHS Charities all over the UK. Every day, NHS Charities provide £1,000,000 of funding for support networks for both staff and patients and other projects that would not be possible without this help.

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