Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

Coffee bags are an easy, mess free alternative to making a fresh coffee without using any equipment. The easiest way to describe them is that they are just like tea bags but filled with ground coffee instead. 

Frontline Coffee Bags

The coffee bags come individually wrapped in a foil wrapper which is required for its freshness, however this does raise issues with home recycling but as an environmentally conscious company we currently work with Terracycle UK, a company that specialises in recycling so-called non-recyclable goods. Simply post the foil wrappers back to us, we fill up a big box and this gets sent off to them to be recycled.

Everyone will have their own opinion on how they make or have their coffee, but coffee bags give a quick and tidy way for that caffeine hit. Simply put the coffee bag in a cup, add hot water, let it sit for a few minutes (longer or shorter depending on desired strength), give the bag a squeeze and enjoy. 

  1. Insert coffee bag into cup
  2. Pour in hot water
  3. Squeeze coffee bag
  4. Enjoy

Another great perk of our coffee bags is the fact the bags themselves can be disposed of in food waste. Send the wrapper back to us, but the used bag in the food bin and you have yourself an eco-friendly, easy to make coffee option. 

Our coffee bags start at £4 for a pack of 10, or you can get a box of 100 for £34.99.You can find them at


We have a great video showing our coffee Bags and you can see this by following this link

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